Growing delight means growing fabulous products

Plants that are a feast for the eye and provide a colourful boost in both the home and garden. You can find them all in Vilosa’s range. The Kalanchoë is an ideal plant. Versatile, easy-care and offering exciting varieties and colours. The special seasonal products such as Celosia, a stunner with its dazzling colours. A seasonal product that flowers throughout the summer until well into the autumn.


Gloss kalanchoe by Vilosa


The single-flowered Kalanchoe is super hip because of its simplicity. Bunching flowers with a modern look and all the colors in the world. An eye-catcher!

Available in pot size 8 cm.

Gevuldbloemig kalanchoe by Vilosa


With a flower screen full of rose-shaped flowers, the double-flowered Kalanchoe has a luxurious and romantic appearance. True beauty!

Available in pot size 6, 8 and 10,5 cm.

Big flowering

Big flowering kalanchoe is unique because of its eye-catching characteristics: exceptionally large flowers with a minimum diameter of 2 cm and beautifully coloured buds. A real seductress!

Available in pot size 8 cm.

Kalanchoë Specialty

Magic Bells

Beautiful clusters with pale green ‘grapes’ from which remarkable vermilion flowers emerge. Kalanchoe Magic Bells is a surprising houseplant!

Lucky Bells

Kalanchoe Lucky Bells is an unusual pot plant with elongated serrated leaves and long flower stems. The flower clusters with vermilion flowers are reminiscent of bells.


The Kalanchoe Dolly’s almost bell-like green and pink petals bring colour to an interior. Dolly reflects its idiosyncratic style in its dangling flowers and extravagant widespread branches!

Desert Surprise

Kalanchoe Desert Surprise has a rugged look and minimalist flowers. The leaves boast an animal pattern and are the plant’s eye-catching feature with their ‘wildlife’ look.

Femini Pink

Femini Pink is an unusual Kalanchoë with serrated leaves with a deep purple edge and a cascade of pink flowers. A valuable addition to our Specialty range.

Kalanchoe Femini Orange by Vilosa

Femini Orange

Kalanchoe Femini Orange stands out because of her powerful leaves with a dark purple edge and a wealth of pastel orange flowers with a dark heart. Soft and tough at the same time!

Sunny White

Kalanchoë Sunny White is completely filled with green and white flowers that bloom in an unusual way. With its narrow serrated leaves this trendy plant works in any interior!

Kalanchoe Sunny Pink by Vilosa

Sunny Pink

The Kalanchoe Sunny Pink is characterized by its striking inflorescence in which the bud unfolds leaf by leaf into a beautiful flower. The light pink flowers match the light green bud perfectly.

Kalanchoe Sunny Brushed Pink by Vilosa

Sunny Brushed Pink

The bright pink flowers of the Kalanchoe Sunny Brushed Pink have a unique print: it looks like they have been brushed with a white paintbrush. You keep looking at this!

Kalanchoe Exotic Orange by Vilosa

Exotic Orange

The Kalanchoe Exotic Orange is the queen of the jungle! Her crown of bright orange flowers with a dark red heart protrudes proudly above the powerful dark green leaves, making it a real eye-catcher.

Kalanchoe Garden

Kalanchoe Calanday by Vilosa


Kalanchoë Garden is a strong outdoor bloomer for the patio, garden or balcony. From one specific colour to a varied mix, the colour palette offers something to suit every taste!


Double-flowered petals and the many flowers in various colours brighten things up outdoors for a long time. The color gets even more intensive when outside!


Vilosa Celosia potplant

Celosia Twisted

A stunner thanks to the flower’s twisted shape and eye-catching bright colours. A seasonal product that flowers throughout the summer until well into the autumn.


Princettia by Vilosa


Princettia is the autumn bloomer that brings color into your home. Its brightly colored bracts are real eye-catchers that cannot be ignored. Princettia is available in white, light pink, bright pink and red.

Own brands

Le Chic kalanchoe by Vilosa

Le Chic

Our premium brand Le Chic VIP Blooming Jewels is reserved solely for pot plants that meet the highest quality criteria. An eye-catching display thanks to the matching ton-sur-ton sleeve!

Le Chic ECO kalanchoe by Vilosa

Le Chic ECO

Our top seller Le Chic is now also available in a paper sleeve: Le Chic ECO. The paper sleeves show the end-user that we care about a sustainable future. But there’s no need to sacrifice on appearance, because Le Chic ECO’s sleeves are also colour-matched to lend extra emphasis to the colour of the flowers.

Catchy Basic kalanchoe by Vilosa

Catchy Original

Catchy is our brand that stands for quality! The contemporary sleeve stands out because of the sleek array of lines with contrasting colours whilst also providing the end-user with a good view of the Kalanchoë. Catchy Original is available all year round.

Catchy Moments kalanchoe by Vilosa

Catchy Seasons

Catchy is our brand that stands for quality! The contemporary sleeve stands out because of the sleek array of lines with contrasting colours whilst also providing the end-user with a good view of the Kalanchoë. The colours of the sleeves on Catchy Seasons are matched to the season or the festive occasion. From left to right, top to bottom: Spring, Autumn, Basic, Winter and Love.

Le Bloom by Vilosa

Le Bloom

Le Bloom has been specially developed for the clock auction, where this brand can be found every day. This Kalanchoë is supplied in a fresh sleeve whereby the colour of the flowers stands out.

Make Upz kalanchoe by Vilosa

Make Upz®

Make Upz, our Kalanchoë with make-up. A unique technology is used to apply make-up which is not harmful to the plant. Make Upz stand out because of their mix of brightly coloured and white flowers. Available in various colours and pot sizes.

Specialty Kalanchoe by Vilosa


The Specialty collection consists of our most unusual Kalanchoë varieties. The plants are supplied with a modern paper pot cover, making them unmissable on the shelf.

We have a smooth relationship with Vilosa. We know the company to be a high-quality grower of products including Calandiva in various pot sizes and presentations. They are clear, respond rapidly if we have a query, and think in terms of solutions. We can rely on the quality, and the correct packaging. It’s great to have a partner like this where you know that things will be right!

Verdel Bloemenexport BV - Ton Verdel

I find Vilosa to be a reliable and service-oriented trading partner with competitive prices. They think along with me and are solution-focused, whereby quality is of paramount importance. The customer’s wishes always come first at Vilosa.

Hamiplant - Ralph van der Rassel

Vilosa’s clear vision is reflected in everything they do. Knowing exactly the right approach, market and target group when growing a product is a real skill. The sales team is small but powerful, and makes the contact very personal. The high quality range of Kalanchoe – some of which are exclusive to Vilosa – makes them unique!

Waterdrinker Aalsmeer B.V. – Henk-Jan van den Eijkel